What Rights Should Defendants Have?

defendant rights

This is one of those topics that really get peoples’ attention, isn’t it? If someone is going to go to court, what rights should they have? If someone is being tried, should they have rights, and what should those rights include? Let’s take a look at some of the arguments that are brought up during this sort of discussion.

Why Should They Be Treated Any Differently?

This is the initial question here. Why would people even think that they should be treated any differently? In some cases, it’s due to the crime that the person is being accused of. If it’s something like murder or something else that seems like a more severe crime. Is this about rights, however? But then you have to wonder whose rights we’re talking about. For example, if someone was being accused of murder, would you want them to be able to get out on bail? In those cases, people will argue, that it’s the rights of the person versus the rights of the public. It’s a really big debate and a lot of people think about the implications on both ends of these questions. Having the right Criminal Lawyer can be all the difference in this situation.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

defendant rights

This is, probably, the core of a lot of people’s arguments when it comes to treating defendants in a humane manner. Remember, the assumption of the law, when someone is arrested and taken to court, is innocent until proven guilty. People who utilize this argument are usually more in favor of giving these people as many rights as possible. The issue is, even though our judicial system goes with the whole “innocent until proven guilty” idea, people do not do the same, and it’s hard to try and find a jury that doesn’t have a bias before they even get into the court room. That’s likely why a lot of these cases just end up being dealt with by a judge, or a plea bargain is done so that a jury doesn’t have to come into it.

So, now that you’ve seen both sides, what do you think? What is your opinion about the rights of those who have been arrested?